All The Ladies Say Part 2 Trailer

15 year of uplifting the Bgirls in our dance community, the All the Ladies Say team returns with a series of short interviews that will bring you closer to our brilliant floor sisters.
Tune in and check out their philosophy, their unique challenges and their triumphs at every stage of their journey. The videos will be posted to the ATLS website recently upgraded by @multomedianyc and will eventually build towards a part 2 that has been in the works since the release of Part 1 in 2011.

The production team has been archiving  and fundraising as the years have passed and is ready to pick up the project now in 2021 as a virtual labor of love. Join us as we reflect, celebrate and step into the future with even more admiration for the way our sisters have contributed and maintained a presence in the Breakin-genre – the original dance of Hip hop culture.

We begin with our  local NYC area dancers and will reach out nationally– the way we did in 2006 and then internationally — the way we did in 2008. This is a Full Circle and it takes a village!

Thank you @multomedianyc, @DJKS360 and @bgirl Funds have been provided by private donors and most recently
by the Advancement Fund of @dancenyc  

Stay tuned for interviews with @ntegrityinmotion and @mantis_360 followed by @peppayuan @JlaRoknbk @erendancer and
MC Purple Haze and DJ Perly

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