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Veteran b-girl Ana “Rokafella” Garcia’s first documentary film ALL THE LADIES SAY features the work of female breakdancers in the United States, including Aiko, Baby Love, Beta, Lady Champ, Severe and Vendetta. This film raises awareness of the female presence in Hip-hop and promotes the growth of this dance community in the United States and internationally. Discussions about femininity, motherhood and the representation of women in popular culture are a few of the themes explored by the dancers.

A physically demanding dance form and originally performed in the streets, breakdancing has been associated with male dancers, or b-boys. ALL THE LADIES SAY convincingly challenges this assumption with a wealth of archival and contemporary audiovisual materials including an exclusive interview with Baby Love, a B-girl pioneer and previous tour member of the Rock Steady Crew dance group. Despite the obstacles, professional b-girls have carved a niche in the male-dominated world of Hip-Hop and continue to pursue their dreams.

An inspiring look at the world of female breakdancers, ALL THE LADIES SAY documents the 2006 tour “The B Girl Sitdowns” and features dance performances from veteran and upcoming b-girls in San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Minneapolis. The B Girl Sitdowns was funded by the Ford Foundation and organized by Full Circle Productions, a non-profit organization that presents uplifting Hip Hop dance performances and provide educational Hip Hop dance programming in New York City.

ALL THE LADIES SAY is available for educational purchase and public screenings. Purchase of the DVD & Digital File combo includes a discussion guide and a short video tutorial of the following breakin’ moves: kick out, kick out turn, 2-step and roll back shoulder freeze. Ana “Rokafella” Garcia is available for speaking engagements and workshops. 

(from The Third World Newsreel page)

The next edition

The next edition of the ALL THE LADIES SAY documentary series, Part Two, will be a further exploration of the original dancers, as well as new stories from dancers, graffiti writers, artists, MCs and DJs. The production has travelled all over the world in pursuit of fresh stories and new ladies doing their thing in Hip Hop.

Stay tuned!


Official Selection:

September 2020, Documentary Forum at CCNY, with Third World Newsreel
May 2012, Miami Pro-Am Urban Arts Expo
Mar 2012, Man Up’s Campaign Exhibition “Through Our Lens” at Central Park West Gallery
Feb 2012, Is Hip Hop History Conference at CUNY CWE
Dec 2011, Man Up Campaign at Maysles Cinema
Oct 2011, Northeastern University Hip-Hop Festival
Jul 2011, B-Girl BBQ – Alice Arts Fundraiser, Oakland CA
Jun 2011, East Harlem International Puerto Rican Film Festival at Museum of City of New York
Jan 2011, Dance on Camera Film Festival at Lincoln Center – Official World Premiere
2010, B Supreme Women’s Hip Hop Festival, London, UK
2010, Manchester’s Contact Theater, UK
2010, University of Wisconsin – Breaking The Law Festival
Jun 2009, Bronx Museum