Back in 2006..

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Back in 2006, our film was still a set of mini DV tapes in Bgirl Rokafella’s universe. A grant award from the Ford Foundation made travels across the US possible with a camera woman (Nadia Halgren/Jaquita Ta’le) and Kwikstep. We encountered different events that helped to expose and share the B girl lifestyle. By August, stops at Minneapolis, Miami and San Jose were already bringing Graffiti artists, MC’s and other female Hip hop practitioners to join into discussions and jams. Still ahead on the horizon were events in Chicago and Atlanta. A call came in from Martha Cooper to let Rokafella know Lincoln Center Out of Doors envisioned female Breakers on their stage to mark the anniversary of the legendary battle between the NYC Breakers and Rocksteady Crew in August. Bgirls from the UK were invited to battle local Bgirls on the specially built stage with a female DJ and hosts. 2 on 2 teams signed up and the judges included OGs and iconic dancers from NYC.

A full sized crowd turned up and as the clouds gathered the final 2 on 2 battle happened and the NYC Fox Five Crew won the 1st prize and the UK crew performed came in 2nd. Teams from NYC and New Jersey also did their best moves!

We wanted to let you know the journey has been amazing and it has only begun to be celebrated globally with the journey to the Olympics. Red Bull had their first top 16 Bgirl battle in 2018. Please check out the preliminary battles in Zurich hosted by our very own Bgirl Rokafella.

Internationally Bgirls have made their presence and contributions known range from the UK’s young B girl Terra to California’s Asia One hosting a virtual Bboy Summit event in 2020. Some Bgirls have created lanes as commentators while others are teaching as professors and some have created support groups for promoting mental health and self defense like Bgirl Rockill with the Bgirl Cypher– on IG @thebgirlcypher

Below is a video Bgirl Rockill produced and edited to raise awareness in the Street dance community about Sexual harassment and the need for it to be resolved.

We will soon be releasing an interview with Bgirl Mantis and Bgirl Ntegrity and continue with Bgirl Peppa from California. Please stay tuned and keep your eye out for more as we build out “All The Ladies Say” Bgirl media platform.

NJPAC will share our film with their dance students for Women’s History Month so stay tuned for other activities coming up. Thank you for your support and if you want to donate you can send it to PayPal @FCS360 or

Thank you to Melissa Ulto for her media talents and her support to this day. Photo is by Melissa at the Bronx Museum of Arts for the launch in 2009.

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