ATLS Screening At The Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Our film screening at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe was empowering and heart warming. In true Ancestor practice, J La Rok shared an original spoken word piece to kick off our women in Hip hop dance centered evening!  We were blessed to have the 1st Female MC Sha Rock on the panel discussion who motivated everyone with her inspiring words and testimony from 1978 to today!  We also had the legendary funkstyles dancer Aiko who also let us know we are in charge of our Hip hop dance lives. The other panelists Tiffany, Tara, GI Jane also brought their insight and strength to the event!! Happy women’s History month and Happy 50th anniversary to Hip hop!! 

The locals who showed up threw down spontaneously when the DJ played “Just Begun”!! Thank you to La Bruja who hosted us at the Cafe! 

Special mention to CudaCulture and Bgirl Herstory who partnered with the promotions of our women’s history month screening. Thank you to team Full Circle for the programming support with the Ford Foundation and thank you to the United Hip hop Vanguard for the national Breakin cultural boost!  Thank you to Rokafella, Jane Gabriels, Melissa Ulto and Kwikstep. 

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