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ATLS will be screened on Sunday January 9th at the Rosendale Theater in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Please call the Box Office (845) 658-8989 for time and ticket info.

Thank you to the Asian American American Alliance for including a pitch/performance by Rokafella and G I Jane during the Christmas Town Hall gathering in Chinatown. 
We were excited to promote the upcoming film screening which features a young dancer of Asian American descent- Aiko Shirakawa who will be flying in to particpate in the Q & A afterwards on January 30 and 31st!!

LADY CHAMP, BABY LOVE AND AIKO SHIRAKAWA will be in the house for the World Premiere at Walter Reade Theatre, 70 Lincoln Center Plaza as part of Dance Films Association’s 39th Dance On Camera Festival co-sponsored by Dance Films Association and the Film Society of Lincoln Center Jan 30, 20011 6pm; Jan 31, 2011 4pm.

Rokafella will be offering a dance workshop at the Baryshnikov Arts Center, 10-12pm Sunday Jan. 30th

The after party is still TBA since the dates are on a Sunday and then on Monday, but please check back soon! 

We have to express so much GRATITUDE to those of you who have supported us through this challenging process.  It doesn’t matter if you were there from the beginning to make us believe this was possible giving us that initial push or if you pulled up your sleeves in the middle of a crisis and came through for us in the clutch.. or if you just got on board in the past year or two to keep the team inspired to make it round that last lap.. this has been a full on effort from a very diverse and extended family   We could not walk through this new threshold of our very FIRST film festival without your advice, enthusiasm, resources and belief in the vision. We have a short way to go before we can move onto the duplication and sale of this project, so please stay tuned. If it’s one thing we have on our side, it is patience and tenacity… and Hip-hop culture!!!

THANK YOU and let’s keep rocking the world-together!

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show us love! All The Ladies Say, is a documentary project driven by grant funding and donations from people who believe in the project. If you can help us reach our funding goals to complete production, market the film and create educational outreach programs, please do contact us!

Some of our angels include:
The Ford Foundation, The Bronx Museum of Art, Marcy Garriott (Director - Inside the Circle), Momma's Hip- Hop Kitchen, Hip-hop Association, Bronx Council on the Arts


“All The Ladies Say” is a film that highlights the lives of six iconic female street dancers from San Jose, Atlanta, Miami and Chicago, who have carved a niche in the physically challenging, male dominated breakdance world. Discussions about motherhood, sexual tension, femininity versus masculinity and the rap industry/mainstream images are a few of the themes explored by the documentary’s main characters. International dancers not only make appearances but also add their two cents about life as a B Girl in the Hip-hop world.