Letter To A Sista And Brotha in Hip Hop

jcamontevideo068letter to a sista and brotha in hip hop
jennifer cendaña armas

strong sistas survive slaps and slurs
beyond our hip hop world
stretching seas and skins
over scars and whims
cuz we don’t have a dick remind how we brought about sin
but we wear hope in our eyes
and rhyme our cries
below our belly
above our breasts
heading west for the sun
and east for the womb
bomb walls cause some brothas
still go and assume
that we ain’t as tight
our flows don’t light the light
of a greater understanding
beats ain’t as commanding
bop heads amongst truths they hide

so sistas get placed upstage
one spot in a crew
where one is too many and zero’s too few
fight for some time
disregard one another
but if I’m uplifting my sista don’t mean I’m hating my brotha
cause some women, too
will just look at you, like,
bitch- get off the stage
but this culture is also made of our blood
our feet
our voice
more than catchy hooks and hooch shaking noise
we just as fly when our poems don’t rhyme
and we merely pontificate with perfectly delivered diction
hip hop is our world we feed on bleed on get our groove on work our learn on
sistas got just as much right to be here
and I ain’t trying to break down a list of everything I don’t do
pleading won’t you show me
some goddess
cuz that’s still playing a game
and this is my yes campaign
cause I can’t remember the last time we had one-
yes to our ideas
yes to we
yes to manifesting all the shit we see
yes to our balance
yes to mad loot
yes to el barrio cause our connection’s not moot
yes to hips swaying cause my sexuality’s mine
yes to everything more than biding some time
yes to remembering the powers of our mothers

if I’m uplifting a sista don’t mean I’m hating a brotha
see the shit
ain’t about them cats
it’s about we
about us
our relation to ourselves
so we don’t see them cats as a must

our verses we spit
our beats we break
our taggings we tag
for sanity’s sake
our bodies rock move smooth our soul
patch visions and knowledge with rhythmic flow

our stories are roots
our hip hop’s our petition
ain’t no progress gon’ come without our women’s upliftment

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