Women’s History month 2015

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Momma’s Hip-hop Kitchen Concert on March 7th was inspiring and worth the wait!! Thank you to Kathleen Adams and to Lah Tere for organizing a powerful yet touching line up of artist and activists.. and thank you to Hostos Community College for hosting it for the last 8 years! Photography by Bill McBain. Thank you to MHHK who also supported with donations to the post production of this documentary that has touched so many lives!

Martha Diaz who was super instrumental in raising funds for the post production phase of this film and in securing distribution for it, screened the film at her Hip-hop class at NYU and the students had insightful questions about the improvements in social acceptance as well as if it is better that so many competitions feature events only for women? In April, Crystal Brown-a Dance professor- will screen the film at Middlebury College. Rokafella who is an adjunct professor at The New School University in NYC invited Bgirl/DJ Bongo Roc to visit her class and offer post screening insight about her journey in Hip-hop as a woman.

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The Apollo had a career panel for women in Hip-hop and invited Rokafella, the director of All The Ladies Say, to speak about the process of creating a livelihood out of Hip-hop and her advice to young up and coming women. “You must be willing to evolve and you have to know that you will struggle, survive, succeed— rinse repeat”

Pictured above are DJ Reborn, Tiffany Vega/Hi Arts, MC Poet Queen Godis (who was appears in ATLS!!), Kathleen Adams/Momma’s Hip-hop Kitchen, B girl Rokafella and Cali Green/OK Player.

Below is the link to the promo clip for the event at the Apollo.


NEXT YEAR is our 10 year anniversary from the launch in 2006 at B Girl Be. The first panel discussion happened in 2005 at the Bronx Museum so this year we will plan a 1 on 1 invitational B girl competition and party at the Bronx Museum as a tribute to what became an amazing testimonial documentary. Plans are in the works for a bigger one day event at the Bronx Museum in October of 2016 to celebrate and revisit the world of the B girl. Please stay tuned for fund raising efforts that will begin this Summer.


On July 11th Full Circle will invite two B girls –one from Venezuela and one from the UK– to participate in a dance concert festival at St Mary’s park in the Bronx as part of City Parks Foundation. They will rehearse with local B girls to create a 6 minute dance segment. Thank you to the Ford Foundation and Roberta Uno who is still helping to keep this project alive and fulfilling the much needed mission of celebrating the contributions of women to Hip-hop.. Hip-hop dance specifically!

If YOU want to screen this film and have a discussion and teach some moves,– it is possible!!

There is a Teachers Workbook and Youtube tutorial that comes along when you make your order.

If you want to have one of the featured B girls attend or organize a guest workshop, you can contact us here and we will help you arrange your special event.

Below is the link:



Thank you to all who keep supporting this amazing labor of love and proof of the power of women.. and art!

Thank you to the team and the dancers of Full Circle Prod (FCP) Inc. www.fullcirclesouljahs.com


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