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Lady Gemstar Stef Alicia Maya and Champ
Lady Gemstar Stef Alicia Maya and Champ
‘All The Ladies Say’ was screened twice at Northeastern Illinois University
for the U.N.I.T.Y conference in Chicago. Thanks to Kid Jungle, Kris and Lady Gemstar who helped organize the four day event.  They brought together local Hip-hop heads with Aiko and Rokafella  as well as artists from Atlanta. Thank you to graffiti writer Stef1 whose presence was felt and well received in solidarity!
Aiko Rok Mystify Eryn Boogie

Aiko Rok Mystify Eryn Boogie

Dance classes were offered by Aiko and Rokafella to share the techniques in Locking and Popping as well as Breaking.

Gary and DJ Ronron
Gary and DJ Ronron

The women’s concert was followed by an afterparty at Hollywood with Dj Ron Ron spinning beats that also made it perfect for any freestyling MC’s to get on the mic and share their voice with those gathered. We want to give a shout to Gary Soriano who also helped by giving a donation to the film project saying his organization T.R.I.B.E understands the challenge of keeping a visionary cause afloat. Thank you to him and his peeps!

Rok and Kid Jungle
Rok and Kid Jungle

The event was special because it also brought students in contact with

legal and artistic masters to discuss lifestyles and issues of daily life within the Hip-hop community. C3P0 is a local Chicago graffiti writer who gave a small seminar about the ways art has evolved. Rokafella spoke about dance and Hip-hop as a cultural catalyst for many to make good on their special talents.  Hip-hop demands that you prepare your craft if you gonna put it out there in a cypha, mural, club or the block. This same standard exists in business so you can make your way in the business world with the same work ethic that Hip-hop expects of you. There was a very informative seminar with local attorneys to help people know what the law is should you get frisked or stopped by an officer so you know your rights.
We give a big shout to Lady Champ who hosted us at Sub T and through out the week long event and we hope to continue motivating her comeback to 100% dance ability.  BIG thank you to the B boys who showed up to support the event and celebrated the contributions of local and out of town women in hip-hop! Shout to Teck, Brave Monk, DefX, Kweschin, Epidemic and Popping Chuck. Thank you to Alicia, Carolyn, Maya, Eryn Boogie, Mystify and Dream who danced with us on stage! You are a part of our floor family! We hope there will be more screenings and UNITY events in Chicago!!!
BigShout to Lady Gemstar for organizing “I Still Love Her” concerts!
There is a concert where ATLS film sections will be projected while a bgirl tribute/dance segment takes place on October 28th at the Paradise Theater. We hope to enjoy the presence of Lady Champ alongside of local b girls. The Birth of the Boom concert fund raiser will benefit NYC Hospitals and if you want info about purchasing tickets please log onto http://www.stathhc.org/bronx.html
Also Violet Galagarza, one of the featured dancers in the documentary will be receiving an award on October 24th during the Bessie’s ceremony at the Apollo. (The Bessie’s is like the Oscar’s of NYC Dance! ) We would like to send her a huge ATLS embrace full of respect and continued courage. We know it has not been an easy road for a woman to hold down a career in street dance while giving 20 focused years to maintaining NYC’s premiere youth dance program (KR3T’s) single handedly!
If you are interested in attending the ceremony and supporting Violeta wtih your love and applause, please log on to
As alway we appreciate your support and if you feel like donating please go to the paypal button on the home page.  If you would like to support with your services in promotion, administration or artistic please contact us.
We hope to screen the film in Jersey City, home of G I Jane and J La Rok who appear in the film and have helped out immensely this film..details soon to follow.
“We are one culure and one community.. we need to hug it.. and hug
it tight..” Baby Love, ATLS
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