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We were invited to participate in Alternate Routes Hip-hop Festival on April 9th within the Ladies First activities. We are screening the film at 1pm followed by a discussion with other female artists/entrepreneurs.  Thank you to Kitab, Andreas, Baraka Sele, and Martha Diaz.


That evening we return at 8pm included in a powerful line up artists as we represent the B girl live music element of Hip-hop with RPM and Rokafella aka La Roka.

Thank you to Kindu and Angie from Camp Diva who invited Roka Vendetta and Severe to participate in their Ladies First event/concert in Richmond Va. The attendance was great and the feedback was also very insightful. We were embraced at the concert for our dance moves and our warrior essence. Big Shout to all the sisters who blessed the microphone that evening! 

Rok Angie( Camp Diva)  Severe and Vendetta

Rok Angie( Camp Diva) Severe and Vendetta

The guys who showed up were so full of love– it was a great gathering!  Hip-hop is alive!


Lioness Sima Lee Vendetta and Severe at post screening

Lioness Sima Lee Vendetta and Severe at post screening

Momma’s Hip-hop Kitchen was fun as the ‘Ladies of the Flow’- Full Circle female dance project repped Salsa, House, and Hip-hop! Big shout to all the females who repped on stage including I-Shea from West Massachusetts who did her thing as a latina MC. Thank you to Lah Tere and Kathleen Adams who organized this their 4th annual women’s history month concert at Hostos Community College.
Ladies Get Down was held at the Ailey Extension and the concert was well  attended as were the workshops. The females-in-street-dance discussion named after our film ‘All The Ladies Say’ was also a very thoughtful and honest sharing of experiences by choreographers —-Robin Dunn, Rhapsody James, Olissa and Cecily moderated by Rokafella on the 26th. 
Thank you to Retumba for creating a space for Rokafella, Jaws and Beastie to perform their dance along with traditional Puerto Rican drums and dance at Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance in the Bronx.
B girls Jaws and Beastie with Natalie

B girls Jaws and Beastie with Natalie

We have some hurdles to clear regarding licensing to enable us to get  distribution and possibly get broadcasting rights.
Thank you to Melissa Aguilar and Deirdre Towers who have helped us with their support.
If you would like to offer your support either in the form of funds or services please reach out to us here– contact us!
Thank you to all who have joined us in our efforts to keep this project going –Black Robb and Melissa Ulto and if you would like to organize a screening in your school or community just reach out to us and we can build on it step by step.
See you all very soon.
FemCees of Ladies First concert at Tropical Soul

FemCees of Ladies First concert at Tropical Soul

DJ E Shorty and Roka

DJ E Shorty and Roka

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