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Pringlz and Pandora

Pringlz and Pandora

B Girl Be was an amazing gathering of Hip-hop masters and future stars..local and national.. Big shout to Motel 7 from South AFrica/Norway..Thank you to Intermedia Arts for really pulling through tomake this event happen despite challenges. Congrats to Desdemona, Theresa, Diana, Melissa, and Leah who was in the house with mom and grand mom.. and to AMy who curated the dance series!!  Thank you for the Tribute.. I am so grateful!

 Before the screening some b girls took fotos in front of screen and all enjoyed the concerts, workshops and conversations shared between young, old local, non local practitioners and community.

Everyone missed the other members of Collective 7 who due to life issues were not able to attend. Topics like the future of  bgirls, how to keep a businees afloat and issues of how we are percieved in the world were tackled afteward.

The power move workshop had a good turnout (male and female). Usually I just go into one or two moves.. but with so many students at so many different levels .. we actually went over backspins, windmills, headspins, swipes, turtles, flairs, and even nineties. I was happy to share ideas and fundamentals that I have learned from Kwikstep in my years of training. And some of the moves I am still in the pursuit of.. chasing.. and staying motivated by the journey.

Next weekend Burn Unit will screen the work in progress at the AC3 event..check flyer below.



On October 29th Rokafella will travel to Amherst to perform with I-Shea and screen All the Ladies Say at Food for Thought Bookstore. Funds will be raised to help the  process of editing.

Then join us in the Bronx on November 7th for a benefit/ fundraiser  for “All the Ladies Say” at BAAD-Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance. ROkafella will perform with her band, Full Circle will perform a dance piece and a foto exhibit by Vanessa Bahmani -whose photo appears in the film- will add to an evening of  NYC movement. Kwikstep will provide the party vibe for those who want to hang out afterward.  Stay tuned for more info.

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“All The Ladies Say” is a film that highlights the lives of six iconic female street dancers from San Jose, Atlanta, Miami and Chicago, who have carved a niche in the physically challenging, male dominated breakdance world. Discussions about motherhood, sexual tension, femininity versus masculinity and the rap industry/mainstream images are a few of the themes explored by the documentary’s main characters. International dancers not only make appearances but also add their two cents about life as a B Girl in the Hip-hop world.