ATLS Screening on 6/10/09

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LAst week’s launch was so inspiring! So many heads were in the house.. film makers- Henry Chalfant-Raquel Cepeda, dancers- Marjory- STretch- Adesola- Michele Montazh- Jennifer Decadance, Graffit WRiters- Toofly- Alice- and even international Hip-hop heads B girls Aruna- Frak!  Martha Cooper was in the house too! Check her fotos at the exhibit “Hole in the Wall” downtown!!  Even the priest who married Kwik and Rok was in the house-btw next year is their ten year wedding anniversary–! Violet from KR3T’s and Kid Glyde-Dynamic! The classes for teens taught by Severe and Baby Love went over well.. Lady Champ worked with Philly b girl Lex on her windmills.. The BDC Classes taught by Vendetta and Aiko were well attended alsothank you to Vanessa Byard.  ATlanta’s J Blaze enjoyed her birthday in NYC, especially at SOULGASM-the after party!! thanks to RED!! J La ROk and G I Jane repped hard in the circles. Rain or shine we all felt the love and the movment of Hip-hop on the rise! Special thanks to Sergio and Lynn from the BronxMuseum, and to Full Circle’s Atomic, Kid Flash, Shea Butta, Ironman, Character, AMy and MERK on the film and foto for all your hosting help. oh and to GEOMATRIX for the airport ride .. Super thank you to MELISSA ULTO on the editing.. to One Line Media and to MUSTART for the T shirts!! Welcome back to Infini T and Carefree-the Wonder Twins..  IT was truly a community that made this come off the way it did.. successful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Wednesday JUNE 10 in Manhattan Neighborhood Network public access studios, Rok will be interviewed along with film maker Byron Hurt as they both screen excerpts of their films at 6pm ..

NExt stop for film screening is at LADIES OF HIPHOP FESTIVAL in PHiladelphia on AUgust 8.

FOotage and fotos of Launch event in the BX will be posted up soon!


To reach out to the b girls featured in the film–collective 7- just email them to their names at all the ladies

for example 

and contact them directly with comments, questions or ideas!

Beta, LAdyChamp,Severe,Babylove, Vendetta, Aiko,

Big Thank you to all of you who supported us so far!!- MarcyGarriot, Roberta Uno, Bronx Council on the ARts, Ford Foundation and the Bronx Museum.

If you can donate funds towards the completion of film and related activities please reach out to us promptly!


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