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September ATLS on the move..

Roka and the ladies of Pepatian B Girl Be in Minneapolis was a great weekend to reconnect with mid-west bgirls, international b girl Aruna and to hang out with Aiko who  had just returned from her screening in Oakland. Rokafella travelled to Oregon to share her b girl experience with the locals as part of a […]

ATLS screenings August!!

NYC’s screening was amazing!! Thanks to all who attended and shared their great energy afterwards with us.. Thank you to the B girls -Ephrat Bounce- Ms Vee -Melanie from Austria- Amel from France- who attended.. and G I Jane helped out with the evening! Thanks to Full Circle dancers and Megan for help with with logistics. […]

Getting hot in here!

Happy Summer!  Aiko will offer a master dance class on Friday July 9th 2010 and the main event is the female popping dance off between Pandora and Lady Beast.   Aiko and Rokafella will screen All The Ladies Say as a pre event activity for the two day hip-hop dance event in Boston “Beantown Breakdown” thanks to a […]

Momma’s Hip-hop Kitchen

  Check the video link below for last year’s b girl performance. This year’s peformance soon to be uploaded. Please check back soon! B girls J LA Rok. G I Jane, Jaws from Boston, Katlogik, Beastie, Melanie-M Fresh, and Rokafella  represented at Hostos Community College for Momma’s Hip-hop Kitchen alongside a beautiful line up […]

Screening Dates in 2010!

Peace yall,  We are enjoying this year with excitement as dates are locked in and confirmed for screening dates.. MARch 12 at Bashville Stampede in Nashville- April 3rd in London,UK at B Supreme– Southbank Center 11am workshop by Rokafella in the afternoon. April 24th in Amherst Massachusetts Triggr Magazine Hip-hop Conference-CANCELLLED April 30th Breakin the Law event in Madison, Wisconsin, […]

Thank you to all who attended events!

Thank you to all who attended the fundraiser screenings in Massachsetts and NYC.

Food for Thoughts Books was a great host as they moved over book shelves to provide for dance class, screening and performance to take place in their store in Amherst. Big shout to the students who supported from Holyoke Community College and to the adults who also showed up and did the wave with me! Tanya K organized the whole things and is such an inspiration to me as well as Irene ( I-Shea ) who also given me a push when I lose my gusto! NExt time we will do it even bigger … possibly at Hampshire College in April so mark your calendars so we can hang again! Thank you to Rec and Cris who got me on their radio show for an interview and for wanting to parlay about stayin connected to the film project in 2010. and to DW Walker who took me clubbing out there.. “Step into a World”!!
Then we organized to screen at BAAD-Bronx Academy of ARts and DAnce on Nov 7th and it was great! Thank you to the musicians who were ready on the drop of a dime to perform when we had technical issues with the screen and instead did my song set first… Ron Renaissance-P Nerves-B Satz-Swiss Cris-Kwikstep-Angel Rodriguez —-PROPS!

It was a great Q & A afterwards followed by serious poetry by Jennifer Armas and a music set by Metro Sonics(google them!) Thank you to the bboys Shea and Noah who repped during my Just Begun song and to Violet for gettin up on the panel to share her life as a street dancer and mother of 3!!

Big shout to Melissa Ulto (one of the editors) who showed up in the midst of her busy schedule. Crazy Freddy and Maria drove down from Boston to suport the cause with their New B Wear clothing line items — Fredddy also got up on the panel to share some of his trials as a Hip-hop lifer! We will also screen the finished film at their event in Boston next year sometime in July!!

All in all the community showed their support for a beautiful collection of lifestories that empower and motivate you to keep pushing with YOUR goals in life. I was at the Oregon Shakespeare festival and met a wonderful artist Catherine Coulson who has since stayed connected to the life of this project and also donated to help with the expenses of post /production..not only is she an incredible actor she used to make films as well. She never knew there were female breakdancer so she was impressed and touched by their spirit. I have many stories such as this testimony that proves that if you set your goal people will step forward to help you reach it. The latest editor Corinne Manabat used to dance b girl and when she heard I was in need of an editor she pledged her support for this project. And there are many others who have stepped up to the plate. I am humbled and ready to continue on this difficult journey teaching me patience and furthering my understanding of the power of arts.

We will be planning another fundraiser sometime in January as we step into the final stages. Dates for the premieres are lining up in places like Miami, Amherst, Minneapolis and Boston for 2010. Video footage of the fundraising events will be up soon as well as a calendar of events for 2010.

Big shout to Queen Godis who has offered her track “B Girl” from her album “Power U” to be included in the film!!

FALL and the beat goes on!

B Girl Be was an amazing gathering of Hip-hop masters and future stars..local and national.. Big shout to Motel 7 from South AFrica/Norway..Thank you to Intermedia Arts for really pulling through tomake this event happen despite challenges. Congrats to Desdemona, Theresa, Diana, Melissa, and Leah who was in the house with mom and grand mom.. and to […]

Film Screening at B Girl Be 9/09

Intermedia Arts is holding its 3rd annual B girl Be festival. MC’s, Grafitti writers, DJ’s and Dancers from all over gather to share and experience each other’s art!  Some of the activities have already begun to raise and secure funds for this worldwide reknown event that fuses local and international vibes seamlessly.  All the Ladies […]

ATLS Screening on 6/10/09

  LAst week’s launch was so inspiring! So many heads were in the house.. film makers- Henry Chalfant-Raquel Cepeda, dancers- Marjory- STretch- Adesola- Michele Montazh- Jennifer Decadance, Graffit WRiters- Toofly- Alice- and even international Hip-hop heads B girls Aruna- Frak!  Martha Cooper was in the house too! Check her fotos at the exhibit “Hole in the […]

B Girl Screening May 9th

NYC on May 9, 2009 followed by a Q & A with producer and director Kwikstep and Rokafella of Full Circle Prod and editor/web designer Melissa Ulto. At 9pm the local area dancers/breakers will jam til 11pm to some of the latest breakbeat mixes. Tags on this design are by Toofly and Mustart flyer design […]

Documentary Trailer

Help Us Raise Funds!

show us love! All The Ladies Say, is a documentary project driven by grant funding and donations from people who believe in the project. If you can help us reach our funding goals to complete production, market the film and create educational outreach programs, please do contact us!

Some of our angels include:
The Ford Foundation, The Bronx Museum of Art, Marcy Garriott (Director - Inside the Circle), Momma's Hip- Hop Kitchen, Hip-hop Association, Bronx Council on the Arts


“All The Ladies Say” is a film that highlights the lives of six iconic female street dancers from San Jose, Atlanta, Miami and Chicago, who have carved a niche in the physically challenging, male dominated breakdance world. Discussions about motherhood, sexual tension, femininity versus masculinity and the rap industry/mainstream images are a few of the themes explored by the documentary’s main characters. International dancers not only make appearances but also add their two cents about life as a B Girl in the Hip-hop world.